The battle of the integrated graphics chips is heating up, and the latest rumor is that the AMD RS780 will offer better performance then the NVIDIA MCP 78S.  A few years ago many people wouldn't care what kind of graphics performance their IGP could produce, but these last few generations of on-board video have done a great job closing the gap with low-end add-in cards.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor, but here's the skinny:

“The RS780 is reported to have 15-20% better performance than the MCP 78S in 3DMark 05 and 06 tests, while the higher-end MCP 78U cannot function normally with the original passive northbridge heatpipe due to the higher core frequencies of the graphics engine. Adopting a larger heatpipe or fan will cause costs to rise significantly, pointed out the sources. Nvidia is still struggling with the problem, they added.

Additionally, motherboard makers have not yet taken delivery of MCP 78 chipset supplies, which means that the original launch schedule of motherboards might have to be postponed back to the end of January or beginning of February, noted the sources.”
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