Ambidextrous OysterMouse Claims To Fit Your Hand Ergonomically, Righty or Lefty

The technology landscape has shifted dramatically, even in the past decade. Innovation seems to be impacting nearly every corner of the space, yet there are still a couple of products that have not changed much over the years. Toasters, USB cords, and mice to name a few. The OysterMouse hopes to change that, shipping in two sizes and claiming to be a true ambidextrous device. It's available in wired and wireless forms, and has the ability to be positioned from 20 degrees to 60 degrees.

While plenty of ergonomic mice exist, there's something to be said about a design that's meant to be cradled within the ball of your hand. It's a natural position, which should require little to no awkwardness to operate. We aren't sure there are too many switch-hitting mouse users, but if that's you, it can be snagged right now for around $100.

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