Amazon's Daily Free Apps Making an Impact on Appbrain's Daily Hot List

If you're wondering if the paid apps turned free that distributes every day in its Amazon Appstore are getting much uptake, the answer is yes. How do we know? Via Appbrain's daily hot list of apps.

Appbrain, which used to be the only way to browse the Android Market via the Web before Google opened its Android Market on the web at, still has a number of nice features, including being able to see what the hot apps are for the day, and for the week. Inevitably, the app that makes free, ends up at the top of the list.

For example, on Sunday, May 15, made Guns'n'Glory its free app. Where was it in Appbrain's daily hot list by mid-evening Sunday night? Atop it.

It's a trend we've noticed lately. Generally, though not always, the Amazon Appstore's freebie is atop the daily list of hot apps. We generally take a look at Appbrain's list for a different reason: to see if there are any new and cool apps we weren't aware of.

Another example is FlexT9. It was made free on May 14th, and it was also No. 1 in Appbrain's daily hot list for Saturday.

At the very least, this trend means that people are looking at the Amazon Appstore daily to see what has made free. As we, among others, believe will be releasing an Android tablet later this year, and that the Appstore and these freebies are a way of enhancing's image in the Android community, we can say: it appears to be working.