Launches Its Own Brand has announced its own house brand of electronics. The new brand, called "AmazonBasics," is, according to the giant Internet retailer, a new private-label collection of consumer electronic "basics" created for customers who want "exceptional value."

In other words, basic low-priced electronics goods, which for now appears to be limited to blank media such as blank DVDs or CDs, and cables. The selection for now is extremely limited, but one nice perk for green buyers is that all AmazonBasics products will come in Amazon's Frustration-Free packaging.

Although, as I said, the selection is limited for now, expect to expand its private label items, perhaps even past electronics. AmazonBasics could become the "Kirkland" (Costco's house brand) of

In North America, sales of non-books/music/movies have been surpassed by the sales of other products on's site. By later this year, the same thing should happen on a worldwide basis. To be honest, we buy almost all our non-grocery goods from (including diapers). It's convenient, quick, and they have a great return policy.

Now if they can just keep states from jumping on the Amazon tax bandwagon started by New York.