Amazon To Roll Out Local Services Marketplace Sometime This Year

Slowly but surely, Amazon is inserting itself into every part of our daily lives. The site is already a terrific place to buy products of every kind, and Amazon has also made forays into grocery home deliveries, delivery by robot helicopter, and local deals, but now a report indicates that Amazon is planning to roll out a local services marketplace, too.

According to Reuters’ unnamed sources, Amazon wants to become a middleman between consumers and those providing services--”anything from babysitters to handymen to birthday clowns”--not completely unlike what Yelp and Angie’s List offer. The service would start in a single market and expand from there, assuming demand is sufficient and logistics work out.

Amazon HQ
Amazon HQ (Credit: Wikimedia)

Reuters says that Amazon has been talking to startups that offer similar services such as Thumbtack.

It’s an interesting and probably wise tactic for Amazon to explore, as it would add significant value to the products it sells--buy a widget on Amazon and with the next click, hire someone to install it.