Amazon Takes In-Game Purchasing To PC, Mac, Browser Games

You’ll soon be able to buy in-game content with your Amazon account, thanks to a new Amazon service. Amazon is wooing game developers with a service for making in-app purchases on games for Mac, PC, and browser-based games. Game developers get the benefit of Amazon’s stable purchasing infrastructure, while gamers (who already have Amazon accounts) can buy content without setting up a new account or re-entering credit card info.

Amazon In-Game Purchasing Description

Who says Amazon doesn't have a sense of humor? Image credit: Amazon

In-App Purchasing joins a stable of Amazon services meant to help game developers while directing gamers and purchases to Amazon. Services like Game Connect and Game Circle provide support for displaying achievements, leaderboards, and friend lists, as well as syncing games across platforms via Whispersync. Interestingly, the In-App Purchasing service will make in-app items available on As a result, in-app items can appear in wish lists and best seller lists. As if the line between physical and digital isn’t already blurring.