Amazon Recruits Harrison Ford And Other Celebs For Top Secret Super Bowl LIII Ads

Amazon has been gearing up for the Super Bowl all month with special deals on big screen TVs, and you still have time to get a new TV ahead of big game on February 2. Amazon has now posted a series of teaser videos that show some famous people that the online giant invited to be part of a "Top Secret" beta test for Alexa technologies.


We have no idea what the Alexa tech is from the videos, they reveal no information on what Amazon is supposedly cooking up. All the videos show are the famous people opening a case with a blue glow; the Alexa voice speaks and the celebs make various comments. You can watch the videos on this page, or see them embedded below.

Harrison Ford is part of the series, and when he opens his case, he says "I hate this already," which seems about right for the notoriously crotchety actor.

The next video is of two comedians, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, and when they open their case, they drop the F bomb as the video fades to the date where we will presumably know more. 

The third and fourth videos are of Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker and [retired] NASA astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly:

Precisely what Amazon will be showing off is unclear. But one thing is certain; the e-commerce giant spent big money if it plans to run four different Super Bowl commercial spots. And you can rest assured that Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker didn't come cheap.