Amazon Promises Update For Kindle Fire

Although it launched with much hype and eager anticipation, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet has received lukewarm reception by some of its users. The most disgruntled new owners of the tablet are even packing it up and returning it to Amazon. There are a number of complaints surrounding the new tablet, including the lack of external volume controls. Users also have reported that it's easy to hit the off switch by accident.

Other complaints focus on the interface and software. More specifically, users have found that web pages take a long time to load and there is no privacy on the device. The touch screen has also been a sore issue, with users claiming it is hesitant and difficult to use, particular for those who don't have petite hands.

Amazon has heard the complaints and has promised to address some of the issues with an over-the-air update that is scheduled to roll out in less than two weeks. The update will address some of the performance and multitouch navigational complaints. Users will also receive the ability to edit the list of items that shows what they have been doing on the tablet.

Amazon hasn't given a specific date, but the company has said there will also be an improved version of the Kindle Fire tablet at some point in the future. Many people have assumed this updated version will be available sometime in the spring.

For Amazon, there's great incentive to get this right. The company views the Kindle line of devices as a key component in the future of its virtual store. Getting Kindle devices in the hands of consumers is so important to Amazon that the company is even willing to lose money on each and every device sold. After all, once you make an initial purchase of the Kindle, the losses for Amazon stop and the profits begin as you buy books and other content for the device from Amazon's store.