Amazon Offers Sneak Previews Of Upcoming Original TV Series To Select Viewers

The future of television has nothing to do with the likes of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or Dish Network. Slowly but surely, IPTV-based providers are disrupting the way new content is produced and distributed. Today, people feel the sting when a show comes on a cable channel that they aren't subscribed to. Soon, people will feel the sting when a new series debuts on Netflix or Amazon and they aren't subscribed. Now, Amazon is reportedly allowing select viewers to "help choose its new lineup of TV shows." The process is expected to shave costs in what's generally an expensive and drawn-out process in Hollywood.

Visitors from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany will be able to "watch, rate and critique 14 pilot episodes the company has bankrolled." Those comments will allow Amazon to best choose which of those (if any) get scheduled for a proper production schedule. Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, said the following: "Why follow the guru method when you don’t have to anymore? The audience is out there and the audience is interested. We might as well make them a partner in the process."

Traditional TV networks spend millions trying to make the best decisions -- deciding which pilots will actually attract audiences. But Amazon's model is far more cost efficient. And, in theory, this would allow Amazon to showcase even more shows due to cost savings. Best of all, Amazon and Netflix have one major advantage: there aren't "time slots" like there are on television, and you don't have to cater to a single demographic. People of all ages and interests subscribe to Amazon Prime and Netflix; if you can get a big enough chunk to watch, you've got a hit. Here's to the future of television, huh?