Amazon Kindle Ad Sneaks Peeks at New Kindle eReader and Kindle Fire

Later today Amazon is going to unveil its new Kindle lineup, but if you're a fan of football, you may have already spotted a glimpse of the e-tailer's next generation devices. Confused? The NFL season kicked off yesterday in Monday Night fashion, with the Dallas Cowboys toppling the New York Giants. If you happened to watch the game, and didn't skip out of the room during commercial breaks, you would have spotted an Amazon ad teasing its new Kindle devices.

The ad is a one-minute spot consisting mostly of Amazon patting itself on the back, though it does provide a few quick shots of what appears to be a new Kindle eReader and Fire tablet. The eReader is slim and all black, an obvious new addition to Amazon's line of mobile products.

Later on in the ad, you see someone playing with what appears to be a larger size Kindle Fire tablet. There aren't any buttons visible in the ad, though it does appear there's a keyboard dock hidden from view, allowing the user to type and scroll with the tablet propped upright like a Surface device.

Give the ad 60 seconds of your time and tell us what you think. Also, be sure to stay tuned, as we'll be covering Amazon's announcements later today.