Amazon Flex Pays You $18 to $25/Hour To Hand-Deliver Packages To Customers

Amazon has big plans for drone deliveries, but it’s clear that humans will be at the heart of its delivery operations for years to come. Taking a page out of Uber’s book, Amazon announced this week that it is ready to start employing anyone with a car and a smartphone to start delivering packages by hand. The new delivery project, known as Amazon Flex, is tied to the Amazon Prime Now service, which delivers packages within hours of an order.

Amazon Flex is available only in Seattle at the moment. Amazon plans to roll the service out to other major cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan and Portland in the near future. It hasn’t given a specific date for those cities to start Amazon Flex, but with the holidays approach, it seems likely that Amazon is working hard to make the launch sooner rather than later.

amazon flex

The pay is $18-25 per hour, and the hours sound like they will live up to the service’s name. Amazon plans to have delivery blocks available every day of the week and will let you schedule a block ahead of time or just pick an open block, presumably via an online scheduling system we haven’t seen yet. There are some restrictions, though – Amazon is serious about you having a car. It’s not allowing bike or walking deliveries at this point.

A valid driver’s license is a must, of course, and you’ll need to be over 21. You’ll pick up deliveries at a “location near you” and then drive them to their destinations. Interestingly, your smartphone will need to be Android-based. It doesn’t look like Amazon has plans at this point to be making use of iOS phone owners.

You can apply for an Amazon Flex gig now. The company’s new Amazon Flex site has a short sign-up form and says that it will contact you.