Great Holiday Home Gym Deals For Your New Year's Health Resolution

amazon fitness deals for new years resolutions
We are nine days out from Christmas and 15 days out from the new year, so while you are (hopefully) getting all your Christmas shopping and shipping done, it is time to start thinking about your resolutions for 2024. Folks will have different priorities of course, but working towards being more healthy and fit is a noble goal for virtually all of us. To aid this, Amazon has a plethora of fitness deals going right now, which can get your New Year headed in the right direction.

Leading us off, we have the Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell 25lbs for $171.49 or 14% off the regular price. Most folks have seen an adjustable dumbbell, and they are rather nice, especially for those who have limited space. Furthermore, they make adjusting to your specific needs rather easy with the flick of a switch on the dumbbell rack. Lifepro also has a 15lb version of these at $118.99 or 15% off the regular price as well if you don’t need something as heavy or weights with more precision.

rope amazon fitness deals for new years resolutions

With weights out of the whey, it is hard to complete a workout routine without some cardio involved, so on deck, we have the 1LB Professional Skipping Rope for $19.99 or 26% off the regular price. Besides the weighted nature of the rope, making it a little bit more of a challenge, it features silicone grips and an adjustable length so anyone can exercise anywhere.

core amazon fitness deals for new years resolutions

In the hole, we have a core workout for you with the AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders at $9.99 or 47% off before an extra 20% off coupon. These are gliding disks meant for either carpeted or hardwood floors, and they come with a workout guide featuring 12 exercises that engage your core for absolutely ripped abs for next year.

roller amazon fitness deals for new years resolutions

Closing us out, you need to unwind from all this exercise, which the Chirp Wheel Foam Roller for $50.99 or 15% off the regular price should help with. This roller for deep tissue massage and back stretching helps you roll out all of your aches and pains not only from working out but also from day-to-day living. This would be a great addition to anyone’s office if they are sitting for long periods of time as well.

Besides these items, there are a handful of other deals that we stumbled upon and have listed below. If you manage to snag any of these deals or happen upon a better workout or fitness deal, let us know about it in the comments section below.
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