Amazon Expands GameCircle to Include All Android Devices

With Amazon’s GameCircle, gamers using the Kindle Fire had the ability to save their game data in the Amazon cloud, so they never lost their saves and other data. Now, Amazon is expanding GameCircle and bringing its game-saving, leaderboard, and achievements features to all Android devices. Game devs can start implementing the updates with the Amazon Mobile App SDK and GameCircle APIs.

Amazon GameCircle coming to all Android devices

Additionally, the update includes Whispersync for Games, which is designed to:

1) Automatically resolve data conflicts between mobile devices and the cloud,
2) Queue updates to support offline operation, and
3) Offer a simple interface that can be integrated in minutes.

Games will sync automatically, even if users play offline for a while. Developers get the luxury of letting Amazon maintain the data, although the company says that devs will always retain ownership and have access to a copy of their game’s data.

Expanding GameCircle’s reach to include all Android devices is a solid step forward for Amazon, which has Google Play and its associated technologies to contend with.