Amazon Expands Appstore To Nearly 200 Countries, Welcomes Developers To Distribution Portal

Amazon’s Appstore is sort of the “other” Android app store (after the Google Play store) but the former is expanding broadly. The store will launch internationally this summer, thus making the Appstore available to about 200 new countries, including the usual suspects (Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, etc.) as well as smaller areas such as Papua New Guinea and Vatican City.

Previously, the Amazon Appstore for Android was available in the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Amazon Appstore

Before the big summer expansion, developers can get going by hitting up the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Amazon isn’t shy about claiming that its Appstore is a good one for developers to work with. The company says that devs involved with the Appstore are making good money and drawing in users.

“The success is being driven by Amazon’s large customer base and industry-leading e-commerce features like 1-Click purchasing, Amazon’s APIs for In-App Purchasing (IAP) and A/B Testing, and GameCircle, Amazon’s gaming experience for Kindle Fire,” reads a news release. The release also noted that Amazon GameCircle-enabled games pulled in 83% more revenue per users than games without it, which is a notable statistic.

In addition to a certain level of dominance in the online retail space, Amazon has played the disrupter in various markets, such as tablets, ereaders, and more. This expansion of the Appstore is more of the same.