Essential Phone Sports Halo Gray Color For Amazon Exclusive With Alexa On Board For $449

Essential certainly didn’t get the reception the company dreamed it would when it launched the Essential Phone last year. The device essentially flopped with only 5,000 units sold on Sprint from launch through late September 2017. That hasn't stopped Essential from plugging away and trying to woo buyers with seemingly continual price cuts and new color choices. Three new exclusive colors have been announced including Ocean Depths, Copper Black, and Stellar Gray. And now Amazon is getting its own exclusive color called Halo Gray (which you can purchase here for just $449 unlocked, if you so choose).

essential gray 1
Amazon's Halo Gray Essential Phone Exclusive With Alexa On Board

Amazon is offering the Halo Gray version right now for $449.99 with free Prime shipping for members. If you pick up the Stellar Gray version or the other new colors directly from Essential, they will cost you $599 making the Amazon offering a steal. The Halo Gray device is factory unlocked on Amazon and features the same hardware you get if you order the device from Essential directly in any color.

Amazon notes that the Halo Gray device has a matte finish to both the titanium and ceramic. It's hard to tell the difference in the Essential exclusive Stellar Gray and the Amazon Exclusive Halo Gray colors in available images. The Halo Gray variant has silver sides while Stellar Gray has black sides, however. One notable difference between the Amazon Exclusive Halo Gray Essential Phone and Essentials Own Stellar Gray is that the Amazon device has Alexa voice services built-in. This is the first Essential Phone with Alexa integrated.

essential gray 5

The Essential Phone screen offers a 5.7-inch display and the smartphone has 128GB of storage. Cameras include a 13MP Dual RGB + Mono rear camera with Portrait Mode and 4K video recording. You can also pick up the Essential 360-degree camera for the Essential Phone for just $50 more via Amazon, in a bundled package deal.

Essential Phone and 360 camera