Amazon Entices Data Packrats With One Year Of Unlimited Cloud Storage For $5

With so many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals out there, it can be tough to spot the gems. One that undoubtedly qualifies is Amazon's offer of unlimited cloud storage for a year for just $5, which is 92 percent less than the normal selling price of $59.99. If you're a digital pack rat, this is the score you've been looking for.

The one-year plan offers unlimited storage for photos, documents, and whatever other files you need backed up to the cloud. There's no limit to what you can upload, and if you're a photographer, rest easy knowing your photos won't be tampered with -- Amazon says it will never change or reduce the resolution of uploaded images.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive works on both desktop and mobile devices, with free mobile apps available for iOS and Android (sorry, Windows 10 for Mobile, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users). Using the app or web interface, you can quickly view, organize, and share your files.

The timing is especially nice if you were previously leaning on Microsoft's unlimited OneDrive storage allotment, which was recently capped at 1TB. Microsoft essentially blamed the cap on a relatively small number of users who were uploading massive amounts of files, an excuse that didn't sit well with OneDrive users.

The one thing to keep in mind with Amazon Cloud Drive is that after a year, that enticing $5 price jumps to $60 per year (assuming there's not another promotion in 12 months).

You can take advantage of the deal here.