Amazon Enlists Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino And Alexa To Headline Its First Super Bowl Ad

amazon echo baldwin marino
It’s hard to believe that an e-commerce company that was started over 20 years ago has yet to take part in Super Bowl festivities. But such its the case with Amazon, which has instead poured its money into building out its infrastructure, padding its vast streaming video library, and adding additional perks for its Prime subscribers.

But now is the time it seems for Amazon to go after low-hanging fruit with its first Super Bowl commercial, which will air on February 7th when the Carolina Panthers go head-to-head with the Denver Broncos. Not one to go off half-cocked, Amazon has enlisted some two big stars for its commercial: actor Alec Baldwin and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.

In the commercial, the two are brainstorming on what they’ll need to throw a kickass Super Bowl party when Marino suggests that they include a snack stadium. Obviously unfamiliar with the term snack stadium, Baldwin calls on Alexa to fill him in, to which she replies, “A stadium built entirely of snacks.”

Enthused by Alexa’s response, Baldwin decided to rethink their strategy as Amazon’s 30-second teaser concludes. Alec Baldwin is a master at comedy and Marino plays off him beautifully, so we’re eager to see what the full-length commercial has to offer on game day.

In case you need a refresher, Alexa is the digital assistant built within Amazon’s Echo Internet-connected speaker. Echo started off with the ability to provide weather information, sports scores, and play music among other things. However, over the past year, its functionality has expended greatly to transform it into an Internet of Things (IoT) digital hub for your home.

And if we bring out our magic 8-ball, Amazon could use it Super Bowl commercial as the launching point for its rumored next generation, portable Echo speaker.