Amazon Digital Day Kicks Off December 28 With Great Deals On Apps, Movies And eBooks

It's a common practice to give money or gift cards too someone you aren't sure what to buy them for the holidays. This means that lots of people end up with cash lying around and the opportunity to buy themselves gifts right after Christmas. Amazon is making a play for that Christmas cash with a Digital Day sale that it has announced for December 28th.

digital day

The special event will be for one day only and kicks off at 12 AM PST. Amazon users who want notification when the deals start flying can register their email on the official Digital Day page here. Amazon isn't offering details on all the deals that will be seen at this point, but it is teasing some deals to get fans interested. Deals include digital games, books, in-game app purchase discounts, and deals on streaming media.

Some of the deals we know about now include 75% off Kindle best-selling books. Fans of graphic novels can get up to 80% off best-selling Marvel graphic novels, while digital magazines are up to 60% off. In-game purchases on discount include 25% off gold bars in Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Anyone looking to round out a digital movie collection can get up to 65% off movies on Prime Video. The sale also has discounts on software for computers with up to 50% off Norton Security among others. Buyers wanting a tablet can get $50 off on the Fire HD tablet and get three months of free trial to audible.

This might be the time to subscribe to CBS All Access to watch the new Star Trek series, a subscription to it, AMC Premiere, ESPN+, or Showtime gets you a $10 Amazon credit. Audible members can get buy one get one free book with hundreds of titles to choose from. Amazon will announce more deals when Digital Day kicks off.