Amazon Developing Net Connected Smart Home Gadgets With One Button Ordering

Technology companies have been talking up smart homes for years at trade shows, but it’s a concept that has a hard time getting significant traction – until now. Google recently entered the market in a big way with its $3.2 billion purchase of Nest, which makes Wi-Fi connected home thermostats, smoke alarms, and surveillance cameras. Now, Amazon is showing signs of taking the smart home seriously, as well. According to sources for Reuters, Amazon is in the process of testing a device that would give users a way to order certain home supplies with the push of a button.

The Amazon Kindle Fire has met with success. Can Amazon pull it off with a one-button device for ordering home supplies?
Amazon has had success with some of its hardware ventures, like the Kindle Fire tablets (the Kindle Fire HD 7 and 6 are pictured above), but its recent foray into smartphones has been less impressive. Whether Amazon can find success in smart home devices remains to be seen.

The testing appears to be taking place at Lab126, which is a hush-hush component of Amazon’s hardware division that has played a role in the development of Amazon’s Fire TV set top box and the Amazon Fire Phone, among other devices. Whether the new one-button device will ever make it out of Lab126 remains to be seen, but we can certainly understand the appeal. If Amazon can find a way to make stocking up on ordinary household supplies a little less boring, there will be a lot of people willing to press the button.