Amazon Developing 'Anytime' A Cross-Platform Messaging App On Steroids

amazon anytime app like trillian on steroids
When it comes to today’s messaging apps, there are numerous options out to choose from. And if you’re like us, you probably use a number of competing messaging apps at once, ranging from Facebook Messenger to Skype to Google Hangouts to WhatsApp to Snapchat. However, it appears that we may have yet another player entering the mix, and it is online retail powerhouse Amazon.

According to a survey that is currently making the rounds with Amazon’s existing customer base, the company is working on a messaging app called Anytime. Anytime would be an all-in-one solution that would allow users to send text messages, video, and chat with friends and family. Interestingly, Amazon says that reaching to your friends and family will be incredibly easy, as you will be able to search for them using just their names, and you won’t need to remember or enter in phone numbers to contact them. We have no idea how this feature would work exactly when and if Anytime actually comes to fruition.

Amazon is also looking to hit all the high notes for what makes a good, modern messaging client by ensuing that chats remain private and that messages are encrypted to keep them out of the hands of prying eyes (or government agencies). Anytime will also truly be cross-platform, working on both desktop platforms (like Windows and macOS) as well as two most popular smartphone operating system: Android and iOS.

amazon anytime chat app features

Other features reportedly on deck for Anytime conclude a bevy of emojis, stickers and GIFs to spice you your messaging sessions, filters for both videos and photos, and games that you can either play by yourself of with friends that you wish to challenge. Amazon apparently hasn’t forgotten about businesses either, as it will enable to the use of messaging bots that will be able to automate certain customer service tasks.

A service like Anytime isn’t really so far-fetched for a vast company like Amazon. The company already has a service called Chime that is used for messaging and video conferencing at the enterprise level. And we can’t forget about Alexa Calling, which launched back in May. Alexa Calling is integrated into device like the Echo and Echo Dot, allowing users to send messages and make free voice calls. Those who don’t have an Echo device can even join in on the action using the Alexa app on their iOS- or Android-based device.