Amazon To Give Customers Full Control Over Package Arrival Days

Amazon has announced a new perk for Prime customers that worry about potential package theft, due to random arrival times. The new feature is called Amazon Day, and while it sounds like some sort of special sale, it essentially gives customers the ability to choose the specific day of the week when packages should arrive. Amazon Day is an invite-only program for now, and it's not clear how exactly one gets an invite to participate. Customers invited to the service get to pick a specific day of the week for delivery of ordered items at checkout, and unless manually changed, that day will be when all of your orders arrive moving forward.

amazon day box

Shoppers will be able to select a different day for delivery every time they check out if they so choose. The Amazon Day program is a good way for people to ensure that their packages are delivered on a day when someone is there to receive them. Choosing a specific day could also be a big help for people trying to order Christmas gifts they may want to hide from significant others.

Amazon is trying the new feature to not only give customers more control over package arrival schedules, but to reduce waste. Since multiple orders placed during the week will all be shipped to arrive on the same day, Amazon says that the number of boxes used can be reduced, which could be something important to folks who want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

While this new feature has benefits for Amazon shoppers, it also has clear benefits for Amazon as well. The program could allow Amazon to reduce shipping costs by bundling smaller orders placed during the week to ship at the same time for a single shipping fee. Package costs will be reduced as well.  Amazon racks up significant shipping fees for Prime deliveries with shipping costs reportedly at $6.6 billion globally in its last quarter.

Amazon invited its first group of customers to try Amazon Day on Friday and has stated that it intends to allow more customers access to the feature in the coming months. Before inviting any customers to try Amazon Day, however, the company had been testing the feature with its employees. Amazon says in most cases items can be added to your Amazon Day purchases for up to two days before the package ships; customers are also able to choose weekend days as their Amazon Day as long as weekend delivery is available in their area. Amazon has been working hard to get customers more shipping options to help prevent theft, reduce costs, and make the service more convenient. One of the stranger features Amazon has rolled out is Amazon Key where a smartlock allows delivery people to leave packages inside your home if no one is available.