Amazon Could Launch a Kindle Smartphone on September 6

Amazon has scheduled a press event in California for September 6, 2012, which is two Thursdays from now. Most people assume that's when Amazon will unveil a new batch of Kindle devices, including updated eReaders and possibly even a 10-inch Kindle Fire. There might even be a refreshed 7-inch Kindle Fire in the mix now that competition is heating up with the recent launch of the Nexus 7. But might Amazon also unveil a smartphone?

It's a long shot, but while the smart money is on Amazon unveiling tablets and electronic readers, it's not totally inconceivable it will also launch a mobile phone. In fact, you shouldn't be totally shocked if the company does. It was reported by The Wall Street Journal back in July that Amazon was testing a smartphone prototype and expected to mass produce the device by late 2012 or early 2013. Those time frames still work if Amazon announces a phone in early September.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

It would also steal some thunder away from Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 launch, which most expect will take place on September 12 during a press event of its own. In fact, September looks to be a busy month for smartphones, with Nokia likely to announce a Windows 8 device during a joint event with Microsoft on September 5.

Again, Amazon in all likelihood will stick with tablets and readers for its upcoming event, but if so, the question surrounding the e-tailer's smartphone plans becomes a matter of "when," not "if."