Amazon Continues Quest To Expand ‘Same Day’ Delivery Across America And Beyond

Amazon's same-day delivery service helps to offset one of the advantages that brick-and-mortar stores have over the online shopping experience. However, it's only available in a select few areas, all of which are big cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, and Chicago, and New York City. Nevertheless, the largest retailer in the U.S. feels it's ready to expand its same-day delivery service globally.

Several job listings hint at Amazon's planned expansion -- there are more than half a dozen job openings for senior product and marketing jobs based at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, three of which were posted this week. One of them states that Amazon's "long-term vision is that customers can order and receive a sellers' products the same day anywhere in the world," Reuters reports.

Amazon Fulfillment

Naturally Amazon isn't commenting on its future plans, though the job listings give a general idea of what the e-commerce site is up to. For example, a recent listing for a product manager is looking for someone to mold the future of same-day delivery and "drive worldwide projects with huge customer-facing and financial impact."

In addition to going global, Amazon is also looking to expand its same-day delivery option to include third-party merchants on its site. While tricky, there are multiple potential benefits, such as reducing the cost of fast delivery, especially during the last mile, and potentially being able to expand to places outside of big cities.

As it stands right now, same-day delivery is available in a little more than a dozen U.S. locations. Prime members pay a flat $5.99 per-order shipping fee, while non-Prime members are charged $8.99 per order.