Amazon Buys Siri-Like Software, Ignites More Phone Rumors

Given the success of Amazon's Kindle family of tablets, it almost seems inevitable that the e-tailer will eventually launch its own brand smartphone, though nothing has been announced. In place of a formal announcement are several rumors and speculation, the latest of which follows Amazon's reported acquisition of True Know knowledge, a British startup that a developed a Siri-like app.

The app is called Evi, which uses voice recognition technology licensed from Nuance and works on any iPhone or Android device. Citing unidentified sources, TechCrunch says Amazon struck a deal to buy the company responsible for Evi for $26 million.


All sides are keeping mum on requests for comment, a possible indication that the reported deal is real. The most interesting aspect of this whole thing, however, is what Amazon plans to do with Evi, and if this was a preemptive move towards launching a so-called Kindle Phone.

It may be that Amazon simply wants to integrate its own voice recognition software into its Kindle Fire line, or even give Siri and Google Now some competition in the smartphone arena. If that's the case, the app needs some work (based on our limited experience using it), but why stop there? Sure, the Android market is flooded with options, but it's hard to imagine a Kindle Phone getting lost in the shuffle.