Amazon Launches 'Build It' Program To Crowdfund New Alexa-Based Tech Gadgets

amazon build it program
We would not have expected Amazon of all companies to take to crowdfunding, but here we are. The Seattle-based eCommerce, cloud, and internet of things company, among other divisions, has developed something called the “Build It” program. This program will let the customer weigh in on what products they want to see Amazon make by pre-ordering before production. It is an interesting concept, and the first products are out to vote on now through March 19th.

First and foremost, the “Build It” program works by allowing customers to pre-order a product without having to pay. The pre-order is essentially just a spot reservation for a product. If enough people jump on board with you and pre-order, the product will enter production, and then you will be charged the promotional price you signed up for. Amazon explains the process as “low risk, high reward, and a whole lot of fun.” At the end of the day, it is less so “crowdfunding” and more voting with your wallet in a way. Either way, let’s take a look at the products that Amazon has people voting for right now.

Smart Sticky Note Printer

amazon build it program printer

For $89.99, you can specially pre-order a device that prints out sticky notes as needed. With “voice-to-print technology,” you can get shopping lists, take notes, or jot anything down hands-free. Furthermore, it is a simple thermal printer, like a receipt printer, so it will never need ink or toner, and users will have to slot in paper rolls once in a while. As of writing, it has hit 10% of its pre-order goal so far, so if you like the idea, jump in now to ensure it gets produced.

Smart Nutrition Scale

amazon build it program scale

For the low price of $34.99, you can get back on track with New Years Resolutions with Amazon Alexa and this Smart Nutrition Scale. It allows “hands-free, instant access to nutritional information for thousands of ingredients and food based on weight.” It can also remember frequently used foods, so data is quicker to access. If you want to vote for the scale, you can join the others who have pushed the scale to 5% of its pre-order goal.

Smart Cuckoo Clock

amazon build it program cuckoo clock

This clock looks fun, but it is stylish too. Amazon claims the “cuckoo clock is a fun way to help keep you and your family organized,” with Alexa capability, “60 LEDs, a mechanical pop-out cuckoo bird, and built-in speakers for timers and alarms.” It can be wall-mounted or sat on a shelf depending on preference and will come in a clean white color. You can pre-order this now for $79.99 and join the other people who pushed the Smart Cuckoo clock to 6% of its goal as of writing.

Whether you decide to pre-order a product or not, it is an interesting way to test the waters. If an Amazon product does not do all that well, as the wall clock we saw previously, it would be a waste, whereas this makes gauging public opinions easier. In any case, what did you think of the products Amazon has created for the “Build It” program? Let us know in the comments below.