Amazon Announces Limited Preview of WorkSpaces Cloud-Based Desktop Computing Service

Amazon is taking on an IT unicorn: virtual desktops for enterprises. As Amazon is quick to point out, virtual desktops are fairly rare in large companies at the moment, due to the logistics of managing the hardware and software necessary to pull off the feat. If the cheering stick figures at the end of Amazon’s new promotional video are to be believed, Amazon WorkSpaces will solve your virtual desktop problem.

On the face of it, Amazon WorkSpaces sounds fairly easy to use and very scalable. Once you sign up for the service, you have a dashboard you can use to assign desktops to employees, and they can access those desktops on PCs (or Macs) or mobile devices running Android (including the Kindle Fire) or iOS. You can assign software by user, too, including Microsoft Office and other apps that Amazon WorkSpaces makes available. If you have your own software, Amazon can load that up for you as well. Corporate Active Directory is also supported.

Right now, Amazon Web Services is running a limited preview of the Amazon WorkSpaces service. You can sign up here to get on the waiting list.