Amazon Announces Kindle Paperwhite With 6-inch HD Display, Keeps Old $119 Price

Amazon announced an updated version of the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader today. It’s a modest launch for a device that has modest, though worthwhile improvements. If you don’t own a Kindle, the Paperwhite’s new features probably won’t inspire you to pre-order.

If you already own an aging Kindle, the features might make an upgrade worth it. For one thing, the price is staying at $119, keeping the six-inch Kindle Paperwhite closer to the more streamlined Kindle’s $79 price than the deluxe Voyage’s $199 price tag.

Kindle paperwhite hd screen
The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

More importantly, the Paperwhite now has Bookerly, Amazon’s custom-made font. Amazon designed Bookerly to reduce eyestrain. Amazon pushed the font wirelessly to certain Kindle models at the beginning of the year and gave users a choice as to whether to use it.
The other noteworthy new feature is the Paperwhite’s 300ppi HD screen. That’s the same pixels per inch as the Kindle Voyage. The screen is designed to have little or no screen glare, even outside, and a built-in light means you can read in dim lighting.

The Kindle Paperwhite’s official release date is June 30th. You can receive it that same day as long as you pre-order the device and choose two-day shipping. That just happens to be the free shipping method for Amazon Prime subscribers.