Amazon Alexa Unwraps Christmas Radio Skill To Help DJ Your Christmas Festivities

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people, and for many, large family gatherings are a bit part of the holidays. Inevitably, large gatherings do have one caveat, though: finding a crowd-please song list for all to enjoy. Leave it to Amazon to give us another option - as long as you've added Alexa as a member to your family, that is.

With any one of its supported Echo devices, Alexa can be taught a couple of new skills to make this Christmas a little more hands-off, and perhaps a little more enjoyable at the same time. We'd recommend you begin coming up with an excuse now to tell that one person who swears they're an undiscovered DJ. After all, who could compete with the mighty Alexa?


First, there's Christmas Radio, which will allow you to shout things at Alexa like, "Alexa, open Christmas Radio", to have it begin playing an assortment of themed music that everyone should be able to feel comfortable with (it's probably safe to assume that a death metal rendition of Jingle Bells won't be present). No Spotify or Pandora playlists to mess with - all you need is the ability to utter those 4 words.

Alexa's skills don't end there. Heading to the Alexa Skills page at Amazon, you can peruse a huge collection, with other notable options including Christmas Sounds, Christmas Caroler, Classical Christmas, and for some laughs, Christmas Jokes.

What doesn't Alexa have covered?