Amazon Adds First Wave Of HBO Programming To Prime Instant Video

Amazon pulled off a bit of a coup last month when it an inked a three-year deal with HBO worth $300 million to stream older HBO programming on Prime Instant Video. The deal marked the first time HBO has ever agreed to let another company stream its shows, and that will remain the case for the next three years as part of the exclusive agreement. Today, Amazon rolled out the first wave of HBO programming.

The list of HBO content is broken up into categories. Classic series added to Prime Instant Video include The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Rome, and Six Feet Under. More recent series include Eastbound & Down, Enlightened,  and Flight of the Conchords. Select seasons of current series include True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Treme. Epic miniseries include Band of Brothers, The Pacific, John Adams, Parade's End, and Angels in America.

Sopranos on Prime Instant Video

Moving on to movies, Amazon is now offering original flicks such as Mary and Martha, Temple Grandin, and You Don't Know Jack. Pedigreed documentaries include When the Levees Broke, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, and the Autopsy and Iceman series. Finally, original comedy specials from Louis CK, Ellen DeGeneres, Lewis Black, and Bill Maher are all available.

"We’re thrilled to deliver this collection of groundbreaking, beloved content from HBO to Amazon Prime members for unlimited streaming at no additional cost," said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. "Given the number of customers who purchase these titles from Amazon, we know how much customers love these shows. We are excited to bring them to Prime members—we think they are going to love them, whether they are experiencing them for the first time or re-discovering them from the beginning."

As time goes on, Amazon will expand its catalog of HBO programming to Prime Instant Video subscribers. Also, the HBO GO app will become available on Amazon Fire TV sometime later this year.