Amazon + Prime Subscribers = Netflix Style Streaming?

Let's be real here, trying to take on Netflix in the streaming media space is like, well, trying to take on Netflix in the streaming space. It's hard to imagine an upstart coming in and dethroning Netflix's growing business, but what about Amazon? No one in their right mind would describe Amazon as a Johnny Come Lately, and with the recent acquisition of LoveFilm -- the European equivalent of a Netflix -- Amazon has as good a shot at competing with Netflix as anyone, does it not?

We're not pulling this theory out of thin air, mind you. Someone sent a handful of screenshots to Engadget that shows an unlimited video streaming section for Prime members.

"Your Amazon Prime membership now includes unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional cost," one of the screenshots reads.

A Prime membership runs $79 a year, or about $6.58 per month. By comparison, Netflix's Watch Instantly package costs $95.88 a year, which makes this whole thing all the more interesting.

So how solid is the tip? Engadget says it was unable to view the unlimited option on any of its Prime enabled accounts, and neither were any of its readers. But for what it's worth, the tipster said the option had been removed from his account as well. Either this whole thing was bogus to begin with, or Amazon may have let the cat out of the bag ahead of schedule.