Music Meets Neuroscience: Alphabeats Unveils Mind-Boosting Tech For Athletes

hero alphabeats being worn
Alphabeats is aiming to leverage the power of music-driven neurofeedback to elevate mental performance, focus, and recovery of athletes. The company’s newest flagship neurotech wearable for athletes is currently available for preorder.

Sports fans have all seen their favorite athletes entering the arena before a big game, wearing a headset and listening to music. Many athletes use music to either calm their nerves, or pump them up before the action begins. Alphabeats has taken this concept to a different level, delivering a wearable device that provides instant feedback on brainwave patterns produced when listening to music.

“As we open preorders for alphabeats in the U.S., we aren’t just launching a product, we’re pioneering a revolution in how athletes train their minds,” remarked Han Dirkx, CEO and co-founder, alphabeats. “This is the dawn of a new era where mental strength and resilience become as measurable and trainable as physical fitness. alphabeats is here to support athletes in this journey, offering them a science-backed path to mastering their mental game.”

alphabeats being used with phone

The company has partnered with to create a curated selection of music that is believed to amplify effectiveness. Users can peruse a wide selection of music stations ranging from popular genres like hip-hop and pop, to a more chill science-backed functional music used for meditation, focus, or relaxation.

Alphabeats utilizes a multimodal approach by integrating auditory, visual, and cognitive elements. This allows the alphabeats system to not only capture the user’s attention, but also amplify the effectiveness of each session, according to the company. Visual cues are also used on the app, such as the organic bulb and firefly animations, which respond to the user’s alpha brainwave activity, enhancing the immersive, interactive feedback loop that reinforces positive mental states.

In order to allow customization for each individual athlete, a dashboard that enables coaches to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement is available. Alphabeats remarked that this data-driven approach gives coaches the ability to make critical decisions about how to best treat each athlete on the team.

“As we introduce alphabeats to the U.S. market, we’re excited to redefine how athletes approach mental training on a global scale,” remarked Jorrit DeVries, Chief Commercial Officer of alphabeats. “Our collaboration with Feed.FM, backed by the scientific rigor of Dr. Daniel Bowling, is the ideal complement to our state-of-the-art neurotech platform. It’s just what athletes need to push their limits and enhance their game.”

Alphabeats are available for preorder at a limited time cost of $499, which comes with a 12-month complimentary subscription to the alphabeats platform. Once the limited time pricing offer ends after May 19, the product will sell for $689 with a 12-month subscription plan included. Shipping will begin on May 20, 2024.