Harrowing Drop Test Pits Samsung Galaxy S24 Against S23 With Surprising Results

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Allstate's regular drop test demo features Samsung's Galaxy S24 series with surprising (and depressing) results. In some areas, the new models suffered more damage than the previous generation Galaxy S23, despite new cover and frame material on the latest iteration.

Even as smartphones have gotten smarter with AI infusions and possess more accessible computing power in the palm of one's hand, ironically it is us humans who continue to be the weakest link, at least in terms of the survivability of our phones. For example, according to Allstate, damaged screens cost US owners a whopping $8.3 billion in replacement costs just last year alone. That's more than what the 2023 House allocated for appropriation bills ($8.2 billion)!

In this round of breakability drop tests, Allstate Protection Plans showcased the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. Beginning with the regular S24, which shares similar materials with the S23, Allstate found that from a rig-controlled six-foot drop onto a sidewalk, the S24 had nearly identical damage to its older sibling with the exception that was rendered unusable after one front-down drop. The display malfunctioned when attempts were made to power it on.

It's the same story with the S24+, which is made with similar materials as the S23+—it shattered on the initial front- and back-down drops and was completely unusable. Interestingly, the S23+ survived the same test last year.

The front- and back-down drop test also proved to be the S24 Ultra's (ahem) downfall as well. Despite touting new cover material, a new titanium frame, and a flat-edge design, it shattered after one drop. Glass along the top of the display, front selfie cam, and bottom corner of the frame broke, and when powered on, the display was unusable. Once again, the S23 Ultra bested it in the same test last year despite the durability upgrades.

We know that tests like Allstate's tend to be marketing exercises used to instill fear in the general population. However, the fact still remains that humans will continue to be klutzes. And as smartphones advance, the more expensive they can be to repair. If you would like to give your brand-spanking new device some added protection, cases and screen protectors are the way to go. Here are just a few of a sea of options for the S24 series:
If you decide to go without a case, be extra careful, given how fragile these expensive devices remain.