PS5 Pricing Still Undecided According To Sony Customer Survey

ps5 console

Both Sony and Microsoft have their next-generation game consoles launching this holiday season. While we know almost everything about the hardware and design of both consoles at this point, pricing is still a mystery, although many are expecting both consoles to come in around the $500 range in the US. While Sony has offered no official indication of pricing for its PlayStation 5 or the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, some news has surfaced from Reddit user youessbee who claims to have been a participant in a Nielsen survey about the PlayStation 5 console.

According to the Reddit user, pricing for the PlayStation 5 is still being decided by Sony. One of the survey questions explicitly stated that pricing had not yet been determined. However, the survey did apply "random pricing" to the console to see what participants thought about a price point of £349 for the standard PlayStation 5 and £259 for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The screen shot below is claimed to be from the survey.

ps5 survey

Those prices converted to US dollars workout to $436 and $323, respectively. Those numbers would make the Digital Edition roughly $100 cheaper than the standard version with the Blu-ray drive. A price difference of $100 between the two versions of the console would certainly push more cost-conscious gamers to purchase the Digital Edition. Recently, details have surfaced that all major games for the next-generation consoles will cost $69.99. The assumption is that digital versions of games will carry the same price tag. We wouldn't expect any price differences between digital and physical versions of next-generation games, but saving $100 on the hardware would make the Digital Edition appealing.

Other rumors have continued to suggest that Microsoft will undercut the pricing of the PlayStation 5 by at least $100, but that remains to be seen. The original Reddit poster claimed to have been involved in past Nielsen surveys about console pricing and said typically the consoles launched at 20% more than survey pricing. That suggests the PlayStation 5 could start at around $450, with the Digital Edition being around $350. Both of those price points would likely fit in with gamer expectations for the next-generation consoles. Of course, this could all be fake, so keep the salt handy.