Alleged 4-inch Apple iPhone 5se Prototype Nabs iPhone 6s Design Cues

It's another day, and that means another iPhone rumor. There's already been plenty of online chatter about one of Apple's next generation handsets, one that will bring modern hardware and amenities to customers who prefer a smaller size phone than either the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Rumor has it the phone will be called iPhone 5se, and if the latest leaked photo turns out to be legit, it will look at lot like the iPhone 6, only smaller.

The photo was posted to a Dutch-language discussion forum by user Gijs Raggers, a name that might look familiar due to past leaks. He's the same guy who uploaded photos of the first iPad Air in 2013 months before Apple officially announced the tablet, though he wasn't the only one—there were several leaks at the time.

In any event, the photo purportedly showing the iPhone 5se has it sitting next to an iPhone 5. It's about the same size as an iPhone 5, but designed more similarly to the iPhone 6 with rounded glass edges (not to be confused with curved edges like Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge) and a thinner profile.

It also has the FaceTime camera moved from top-center to left of the top speaker, oval-shaped volume buttons, and a relocated power button (right side). If you squint a bit, you can faintly make out the Touch ID sensor, too. Otherwise, as often is the case with leaked photos, it's a pretty crummy picture, this one with poor lighting, annoying glare, lack of focus, shadows that obstruct details, and too many finger smudges on both displays. Raggers might as well have vomited over the phones before snapping the pic.

Whatever, we get the gist of what he's trying to portray, a new phone with a smaller display molded like the iPhone 6. According to previous rumors, it will also feature support for Live Photos and Apple Pay, A8 and M8 processors, and 1.2MP (FaceTime) and 8MP (iSight) cameras.