Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 5se Pegged For March Debut With Live Photos, A8 SoC And Apple Pay

As long as Apple exists and continues to make smartphones, there will always be iPhone rumors, some of which are based on pure speculation while others are legitimate and/or Apple-controlled leaks designed to build up hype and publicity. Sifting through the reports to figure out what's real and what's a bunch of bologna isn't easy, a fact that's underscored by the current next-gen iPhone chatter.

About a month ago, the web was awash in iPhone 6C rumors. It was said to be an entry-level smartphone for folks who prefer a smaller-size display than what's available on the current generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models. It would have a custom A9 processor, Touch ID support, and an NFC chip for Apple Pay (the only use Apple has found for NFC thus far), along with some other specs we won't rehash.

iPhone 5s

Well guess what? According to 9To5Mac and its unnamed sources, the 4-inch iPhone 6c isn't real. Those sources say Apple has no intention of releasing what's essentially a smaller size iPhone 6s model for people who prefer tinier displays, but is planning to launch a rather interesting handset called the iPhone 5se, with the "se" suffice standing for "Special Edition."

If those sources know what they're talking about, the iPhone 5se will have a similar design to the iPhone 5s, but instead of chamfered edges, it will have curved glass similar to the current models. It will also adopt the A* and M8 chips from the iPhone 6 and sport the same 1.2MP FaceTime and 8MP iSight cameras.

Though the sources claim the iPhone 6c rumor was fake, the iPhone 5se will indeed have NFC support for Apple Pay duties. Live Photos will make its way to the iPhone 5se as well, though it's not clear how exactly that will work since the handset won't have a pressure sensitive display like the iPhone 6s, which uses 3D Touch to bring photos to life.

We'll find out soon enough—it's said Apple will release the iPhone 5se around the end of March or beginning of April.