All The School Shootings Will Be By BFG 9000

Virtual learning has been a big hit with time-starved adults who have jobs and other obligations and still want to continue their education. Now it's becoming more common for students from grades Kindergarten through twelve to get their education, or at least part of it, through virtual classes.

Estimates of elementary and secondary students taking virtual classes range from 500,000 to 1 million nationally compared to total public school enrollment of about 50 million.

Online learning is used as an alternative for summer school and for students who need remedial help, are disabled, being home schooled or suspended for behavioral problems. It also can help avoid overcrowding in traditional classrooms and provide courses that local schools, often rural or inner-city, do not offer.

Advocates say those niche functions are fine, but that virtual learning has almost unlimited potential. Many envision a blending of virtual and traditional learning.

"We hope that it becomes just another piece of our public schools' day rather than still this thing over here that we're all trying to figure out," said Julie Young, Florida Virtual's president and CEO.

There are skeptics of course, mostly worrying about the socialization aspect of attending school in person. Some one should clue them in that adults socialize a great deal in virtual settings now, and their children are likely to do so even more. Maybe it's the kids that sit in a big gang for twelve years that are in for a rude shock, when they get a telecommuting job fresh out of school and there's no one sitting next to them to cheat off or beat up for lunch money.
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