All Signs Point to HTC One Arriving at T-Mobile on April 24

Android users in need of a high-end smartphone upgrade have a tough choice ahead of them. There's Samsung's Galaxy S4, which will be available on AT&T starting April 30 and at T-Mobile on May 1, and the HTC One, another promising handheld from a company that badly needs a win. Here's what we know about the HTC One's release dates.

You can pre-order the HTC One through AT&T starting at $200 with a two-year service agreement and it will ship out today, arriving later this week. It officially launches on April 19th, though we've seen some local stores list the phone as being in-stock today, so it's worth a trip (or a call) to your local AT&T store if this is your wireless carrier of choice. AT&T is also the only carrier offering the 64GB model.


Sprint is also offering the HTC One up for pre-order, though pricing starts as low as $100 with a two-year service agreement. That also includes a $100 discount that's only available if you bring your number to Sprint on a new line of service. If you pre-order with Sprint, the wireless carrier says it will do "our best to get it to you before others get a glimpse on Friday, April 19."

That leaves two of the four major wireless carriers in the U.S.: Verizon and T-Mobile. Unfortunately for Big Red subscribers, there haven't been any concrete signs of the HTC One landing on Verizon, though it's possible it could launch under a different name.

As for T-Mobile, multiple leaks point to the device being available on April 24 at select retail and branded locations, as well as online. There's even talk of T-Mobile employees being asked to wear HTC t-shirts in preparation of the launch. While nothing is yet carved in stone, T-Mobile will probably charge a $100 down payment plus 24 monthly payments for the non-subsidized phone.