All Future Battlefield 4 DLC To Be Free For Everyone, Not Just Premium Subscribers

Battlefield 4 may be 18-months-old at this point, but DICE has made it clear that it has no intention of halting the production of new content. On its way in the near-future are two night maps, a community map, some new weapons, and even a new game mode called Gunmaster.

The question that's been on many BF4 player's minds has been, "But is it free?", and BF4Central confirms that it is indeed free. For a game like BF4 which has as much paid add-on content as it does, this is great to see.

The upcoming night maps feature will introduce night versions of Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Golmud Railway, and as the screenshots below highlight, they'll add some incredible atmosphere to the game - and not to mention require a bit more strategy.

Battlefield 4 Content 01

Battlefield 4 Content 02

Whether or not upcoming free content will continue beyond the summer remains to be seen, but we can hold out hope that it will. Battlefield Hardline shouldn't affect continued support of BF4; what will is BF5, if and when that gets announced.

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