Alienware Offers $200 For Your Old Console When You Purchase A New PC

As the specter of the next generation of gaming consoles looms large on the horizon, there’s certainly a case to be made for rolling with a gaming PC instead of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and Dell’s Alienware is sweetening the pot by offering a $200 cash back incentive.

When you buy a new Alienware gaming rig, you can trade in your old console and get $200 cash back; the same deal applies for old PCs. After you buy your new Alienware system, you can visit the Alienware Trade Up Portal and provide a copy of your receipt and your bank information. Then you’ll be given a prepaid shipping label to print and instructions for sending the old device and any power cables into Alienware.

Dell Alienware trade in program

After a 40-day period in which Alienware will process and verify your trade-in, your $200 will show up in your bank account.

Alienware X51 rigs start as low as $499, meaning that you can ultimately get a lower-end gaming PC for as little as $299, but of course most will succumb to the temptation to put together a more robust system, such as this beastly thing that costs $4,499 as configured. Or maybe something in between.