Alienware All Powerful M17x Goes Nebula Red

Alienware's M17x didn't need much help on the outside to be impressive when it launched in June. After all, any notebook with three NVIDIA GPUs is fine by us, design be darned. That said, the machine is still rather handsome, if not a touch bulky, and it just got even hotter when the addition of a new Nebula Red color scheme.

Starting today, the All Powerful M17x can be ordered with the "Special Edition" hue, which is actually a tinted coat of anodized aluminum. The cost for the upgrade? $99. Yeah, that's pretty steep for a paint job, but it sure does look good. Dell's full take on the new color is below.

Is it any surprise that Alienware, the company that brought you the All Powerful M17x is releasing a Nebula Red - Special Edition - Anodized Aluminum version of their fire hot system? We already know about the speed and power this dream rig has and now with additional color options gamers will have yet another change to stun their friends and opponent alike, online and off. 

I have to say the new color looks sweet and this is coming from a guy who loves the color black. Take a look at this set on the Dell Flickr page to see what I am talking about. I think Rob Enderle over at Digital Trends said it best, "If there was ever a laptop that puts lust in the hearts of both engineers and gamers, the M17x is it."

A mere $99 extra dollars will allow you to upgrade and be the first on your block to have this special edition. Join us and learn more about the M17x and our multitude of configuration and customization options at