Mysterious Fortnite Crop Circles Appear As Alien Invasion Is Rumored For Next Season

aliens may invade fortnite next season after crop circle hint
There have been aliens in Fortnite in the past, such as the Xenomorph’s arrival this past February. Now, more aliens may be coming to inhabit Fortnite after leaving mysterious crop circles on the map. Find out where you can find these circles and what they mean below…

If you decide to go on the hunt for these crop circles, you will find them at Colossal Crops, where something interesting has happened. The cornfield at the center of the farm has been stripped bare, and in its place is a strange-looking crop circle with some loot, which you can see up above. The crop circles have some unusual runic symbols that do not have any apparent meaning yet.

abduction aliens may invade fortnite next season after crop circle hint

At present, no players have reported UFOs in the game, but there is a rumor of possible alien visits and abductions. The abduction will pick players up using a tractor beam and move them to a new place on the map. It is expected these visits will begin and ramp up before the end of the season.

It's rumored that the new season will begin around around July 7th, so there's plenty of time to witness additional strange events before the switchover. Perhaps we will get E.T. in the game or perhaps something like the Roswell aliens, but it should be exciting either way. While we wait on more information from Epic Games, stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.