Albatron PX925XE Pro-R, Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC, and more!

Good evening folks :) Tonight we have a roundup of motherboards based on the VIA K8T800 Pro chipset, a look at the Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC which comes with a 624MHz CPU, and a couple other items. I decided to do some spring cleaning today, so now I'm off to organize all my hardware junk and figure out if it should go in a rig, or be sold on ebay. Good night.

Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC Review @ The Tech Zone

"The powerful Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC features a large 3.7" VGA display that provides brilliant, clear images at 640x480 resolution. This was previously unheard of in a handheld device. The large viewing area makes documents easy to see so you can work smart and fast. In addition to the big screen display, the X50v features the fastest CPU ever placed inside a Pocket PC; an Intel XScale PXA270 Processor running at 624MHz!"

Asetek VapoChill XE II (Extreme Edition II) [AC] Review @ EXTREME Overclocking

"In the constant quest for better cooling, Asetek has released their VapoChill Extreme Edition II offering 180 watts of cooling at sub-zero temperatures. The newly revised XE II offers an AC powered compressor utilizing R507 refrigerant (similar to the LightSpeed setup). A new USB ChillControl with Windows based software allows customization of various settings."

Albatron PX925XE Pro-R @ Viperlair

"The Albatron PX925XE Pro-R is a fine board but not one that a true hardcore enthusiast should aim for; if balls out overclocking is your thing you should look elsewhere. That said, if you have a 200FSB CPU, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the 925XE will allow you headroom up to 266FSB at least, but the same can be said of other 925XE boards."

VIA K8T800 Pro (Socket 939) Roundup : Results and Conclusion @ Hardware Zone

"Concluding our roundup, we put on our thinking caps and begin the number crunching. In this article, we detail our findings and analyze results to bring you the five of best Athlon 64 motherboards available for the Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro platform."

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