Albatron K8SLI, iRiver PMP-140 Multimedia Player, and more!

Good afternoon folks! Looking for something interesting to read? How about the 7800GT reportedly having 20 pipes. Need more? There's a good chance ATI's R520 will be available for purchase at it's launch date. Still not enough? Well, we've got plenty more below!

Albatron K8SLI Review @ AMD Zone

"While overclockers may want to steer clear with only an average feature set those looking to mod, or just wanting some more case real estate for watercooling can take advantage of the smaller depth. You won't find a board packed with extras, or high end hardware, or extra SATA ports. The bottom line is that the Albatron K8SLI is an interesting implementation of the nForce 4 SLI with a low cost, and small footprint that makes it stand out."

Thermaltake Tenor HTPC @ Phoronix

"Because of this increase in demand for HTPC's we are also seeing a return of "desktop" style cases in the form of HTPC cases. Amongst the myriad of companies offering "HTPC" cases is Thermaltake. Thermaltake has just recently entered two products into the HTPC market, the Mystic and the Tenor. The latter is the one we will be examining today."

iRiver PMP-140 Multimedia Player @ CoolTechZone

"The upcoming thing in consumer electronics, especially devices of such dimensions, is a multimedia player that would not only play audio files, but also video files along with photo slideshows – all with a much brighter and bigger screen. For our preliminary look today, we have iRiver's PMP-140 multimedia player that promises quite a bit."

AMD's Athlon64 X2 Processors @ GamePC Labs

"We've grabbed all four of the X2's, the 4200+, 4400+, 4600+, and the 4800+ for a comparative test against other high end processors in both single and multi-threaded applications and games. We also test out power consumption, overclocking, and all the other features which have made the X2 a favorite with the enthusiast community."

ASUS P5RD1-V @ Neoseeker

"The short and sweet of the matter is that the P5RD1-V is a superb LGA775 motherboard for the price. With reasonably powerful integrated video, four slots supporting dual-channel DDR400, four PCIe and three PCI slots, SATA w/ RAID, and a bunch of other goodies, $92 USD isn't that much to ask for."