Hey Siri Hands-Free Interface Tipped For AirPods 2 In iOS 12.2 Beta

Rumors have been going around that Apple has a second generation of the popular AirPods wireless headphones in the works. The so-called AirPods 2 will reportedly have health monitoring features, but exactly what this health feature would be is unknown. This week Apple released iOS 12.2 for developers, and in this release are some changes and references to new features.


One of the changes in iOS 12.2 said to be hidden from public view is a new setup interface for the AirPods 2 devices. The setup screen reportedly indicates that there will be a "Hey, Siri" voice prompt that allows users to set up the voice interface for the next-gen AirPods just as they can for an iPhone or iPad. Once the "Hey, Siri" training is complete, the user can interface with their AirPods using just their voice.

The "Hey, Siri" commands will be recognized by the AirPods and sent out to connected devices. The benefit of that capability is that you can interface with your iPhone without removing it from a pocket, and without having to tap your AirPods to wake them. Rumors have been circulating that the AirPods 2 would launch in the first half of 2019. With features for the next-gen AirPods turning up in the developer version of iOS 12.2, Apple likely plans to release them soon, probably within the next two months given the typical iOS beta timeline.