AIO Robotics All-in-One 3D Printer, Scanner, and Fax Machine Unveiled

A company called AIO Robotics announced that it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on September 4th to raise money for a 3D printer that also offers 3D “copying” (i.e., 3D scanning), and 3D faxing.

(Yes, 3D faxing, as in you could “fax” someone a 3D file that would automatically print on their 3D printer. The use case on that seems quite narrow, although we suppose that if it’s perfected, it could have some benefit over time.)

Zeus 3D printer, copier, and fax machine

The printer may be given the name “Zeus”. More notable features of this prototype include that it will run on its own ARM-based onboard computer that you can navigate with a 7-inch touchscreen. Thus, it wouldn’t need to be connected to a computer to function, and it will use some cloud-based processing for 3D reconstruction of scanned objects.

The 3D copying aspect of AIO’s machine sounds like 3D scanning: A laser swipes an object and a camera takes HD pictures. Still, it’s interesting that one device could both “copy” and print a 3D object. For comparison, MakerBot’s just-announced Digitizer requires a PC connection and a separate 3D printer.

Zeus 3D printer, copier, and fax machine

The team behind the project says that users won’t have to calibrate the scanning bed’s heights because it has an auto-bed leveling feature via a Z-probe on the extruder, and there will be an API package for developers who want to explore ways of controlling the sensors and motors.

It’s a curious device, but we imagine that more about it will be apparent when the Kickstarter campaign launches in September.