AGP + PCI Express SLI?

Here's something that serves almost no practical purpose and effects only a tiny fraction of enthusiasts, but yet is still interesting to see nonetheless. The crew at OCWorkbench got SLI working using a combination of modified drivers and PCI Express and AGP GeForce 6600 cards with a motherboard based on a ULi chipset.

"As we all know SLI is always said to meant for the PCI Express interface. In this experiment, we will find out if AGP can support SLI. In this test, we will use the famous ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2 based on ULi chipset. It is the ideal test platform as it supports both native AGP and PCIe slots."

Next up, SLI with PCI-based GeForce 6200s. (Just kidding.  I made that last part up!)

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