Affluent Apple Users Out-Shop Android Users By 25 Percent Over Thanksgiving

For what it's worth, Apple iOS device owners were victorious over their Android-toting brethren in the Thanksgiving Day mobile spending war. In terms of dollars spent, iOS owners on average doled out $118.57 per order, over $20 more than the typical Android user, who spent on average $95.25 per order.

That's according to data collected by IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, CNN Money reports. Those figures also changed throughout the course of the day, dropping slightly during the later hours -- earlier on, iOS and Android users were reported to be spending an average of $122.08 and $97.25 per order, respectively.

Jay Henderson, director of IBM Smarter Commerce, says the numbers mean that iOS device owners "tend to be slightly more affluent," which isn't surprising when you compare the price of iOS devices to more affordable (in general) Android gadgets. However, Henderson also believes the gap in average dollars spent means iPhone and iPad users are "more comfortable with technology."

iPhone Shopping
Image Source: Flickr (Jason Howie)

We're not sure we agree with that latter assessment. There are a lot more Android users who hack and root their devices than there are iPhone and iPad owners who do the same on iOS. Part of that is technical in nature, but we've never really viewed Android users as being less comfortable with technology than iOS users.

Part of the reason Henderson came to that conclusion is because Apple users are three times more likely to make a purchase using their smartphone or tablet, which comprised a quarter of online sales on turkey day. It's an interesting statistic given that Android is the more popular platform (in terms of market share).

Whatever, mobile users can fight all day long about which is the superior platform. At the end of the day, desktop PCs still reign supreme -- desktop users spent an average of $132.48 per order and accounted for nearly 48 percent of all online traffic.