AeroCool Spiral Galaxies Case, Best of 2004, and more!

Good afternoon folks, and welcome to another Manic Monday(I wish it was Sunday). I'm still trying to get things going after a weekend of drinking the world's finest beer... all right, fine, I was drinking Budweiser ;) Though once I get enough coffee in me, I'll be ready to run a marathon. Actually, I'd rather do the news, so here we go...

CaseBuy USB Vacuum Cleaner @ Phoronix

"Five volts and 500mA, or 100mA in low powered mode, are the power specifications for a typical USB port. CaseBuy sells a hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is powered by a single USB port; will this vacuum have enough power to clean the nooks and crevices around the keyboard and computer desk?"

AeroCool Spiral Galaxies Case @ Club Overclocker

"Everyone seems to have a custom case these days. The PC enthusiast can choose from a playful bright color case trimmed with plastic and glass or an aluminum marvel with more lights and fans than a Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas, this year I've been blessed with a new case from AeroCool called the Spiral Galaxies..."

Best of 2004 @ OCModShop

"Well the year 2004 is now only a memory, there were a lot of great products that were released and many that were not that great. We decided to write a small article as a group to decide which products we felt were the best of 2004. Now you may agree or disagree with what we chose for each section but these are what we felt were the best as a group."

Windows XP Tweaking Companion - Version 1.02 Update @

"If you're using an existing version of the XPTC without any problems you don't have to download the latest version. However to find out more about the changes, or if you haven't yet tried this free-to-download ultimate XP Tweaking resource, head to's XPTC page."

Icemat 2nd Edition Performance Gaming Pad @ ExtremeMHz

"If you're on a quest for the slickest gaming surface for your mouse, I may just have what you're looking for on the review bench today! Icemat has kindly sent out their latest glass gaming pad, dubbed the Icemat 2nd Edition. This pad features an ultra slick playing surface and comes in several colors. Let's take a look!"

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