Adventure Gamers Come Out of the Woodwork to Fund Leisure Suit Larry Remake

The prevailing wisdom is that adventure games are dead, and maybe they really are, or perhaps there just hasn't been anything to get excited about in a long, long time. Like a new Leisure Suit Larry game. You're probably thinking, "Been there, tried that, and the new Larry games stink," a fair assessment, but it's also worth mentioning that Larry creator Al Lowe and his original team of programmers and writers were in no way involved with those titles. However, they are involved with a Leisure Suit Larry remake that will sport brand new graphics and updated humor, provided they can raise enough funds.

In just one week, Al Lowe and company have raised nearly half the requested $500,000 funds on KickStarter needed to remake Leisure Suit Larry. Backers can pledge as much or as little as they want, and a pledge of just $15 ensures that you'll receive a copy of the game via Steam or DRM free download, whichever you prefer.

Pledge rewards get infinitely cooler as you move up the rewards chain, and if you throw enough money at the project, you can be appear as a character in the game. Other goodies include artwork, a Leisure Suit Larry brand condom (unused, thank goodness), and even a night out on the town in Las Vegas with Al Lowe himself.

Plans for the remade game include a modern point-and-click/touchscreen interface, the freedom to play on mobile devices, fully voiced characters, updated graphics, and more humor than the original. And if the game sells well, Al Lowe said he's committed to making a brand new Larry game.

If you want to pledge, you can do so here.