Adobe Photoshop Camera Could Be The Killer AI-Powered App For Social Shutterbugs

adobe photoshop camera
If you're getting tired of Instagram filters to give your photos some added pizazz, then you might want to check out Adobe's latest app, Photoshop Camera. The app is fresh out of beta and is available for both iOS and Android smartphone platforms.

Photoshop Camera is something that professional photographers probably won’t bother with, and is aiming clearly at everyday folks that want quick and easy tools to create distinctive images for posting on social media. Given that this app is completely free – there aren’t even any in-app purchases – this is not a comprehensive app by any means like paid versions of Photoshop. But there are plenty of lenses with different variations for each that look a bit more impressive than what you’d find standard on most social media platforms.

The app leverages Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence to automatically recognize the subject of a photo, after which it can provide recommendations on how to enhance the shot. For example, Photoshop Camera can recognize people, food, landscapes, etc. and provide adjustments for dynamic range and tonality among other settings.

adobe photoshop camera 2

There are plenty of filters/lenses including Portrait, Pop Art, Scenery, Food, and several Sky filters. You can use the latter to make a daytime shot look like nighttime complete with stars, and color correction to complete the effect. There’s even a Billie Eilish filter if you’re into the stylings of the popular singer. There are a handful of lenses preinstalled, but you can also download additional lenses from within the app. Not only can you take live images and apply the filters in real-time, but you can also add them to images already in your camera roll.

You can download Photoshop Camera right now from the App Store or Google Play.